The long-anticipated run-and-gun game from the brother team at Studio MDHR is here…and it’s everything you hoped for!

Cuphead and Mugman looking at the dices in panic while The Devil grins down at them

Poor Cuphead and Mugman had no idea what they were getting themselves into at the Inkwell Hell Casino. In fact, Cuphead is so caught up in his winning streak at the Craps table, that he bet away his soul! And now the big bad devil will only let the brothers off the hook if they help him collect the souls of the Bosses. Don’t be fooled though – the Devil isn’t being benevolent – he’s just sending them off to do his dirty work;  it’s your job to outsmart him.

We’re here to play the role of wise Elder Kettle and give some advice about how to play Cuphead and enjoy it as it is meant to be enjoyed!

1)      So Much to Learn, So Few Lives to Learn It

So, you are going to die…a lot. No worries, though, because you have unlimited lives!

Pick yourself up and try again because there is a lesson to learn (and enjoy) with each new “You’ve Died” screen.

Face of Cuphead with a wink and the text, "OneTough Cup" below

2)      Take a Stroll, Take in the Sights:

It’s not called a run-and-gun game for nothing. Your best strategy is to run, run, and run some more. Don’t get caught standing still for too long or you won't make it to the next level. Nevertheless – the real dilemma  – taking it slow can be in your best interest too! If you take the time to explore your surroundings, then you are more likely to learn some secrets, uncover some coins for weapons, or strike up some useful conversations!

3)      Don’t Deal with Bad Art:

You may not play a lot of video games or consider yourself a gamer, but you won’t be able to resist the 1930’s era style art and the intricate details of these graphics! There is something unique and provoking about the art; each graphic was lovingly hand-drawn via pencil and paper and every detail – down to the elaborate bosses – is a trip into childhood imagination (where anything is possible and everything is potentially terrifying).

 Cuphead and Mugman framed in the text, "Don't deal with the devil!"

4)      Music to Your Ears:

There is no spoken dialogue, but listen closely. The outstanding soundtrack – perfectly paired with the 1930’s style art – was composed for Cuphead by the talented Kris Maddigan. The music was created live in studio with a 13-piece big band, 10-piece rag-time ensemble, a barbershop quartet, and a tap dancer for added flare. You may not realize it, but every big moment can be foreshadowed by the amazing soundtrack; so, listen closely to find out who or what is coming around the next corner.

5)      Cuphead, Like Cher?

So, they’re brothers; one is a cup and one is a mug. And they’re basically being raised by a kettle? Mhmm okay. Do they go by one name like Cher or Prince? Or is Cuphead more like a first name, Cup, last name, Head, sort of thing? Would that make Mugman really Mugman Head (wait…Mario and Luigi are the Mario brothers; does that mean Mario’s full name is Mario Mario)?! Anyway – video game tangent – you can’t help but get caught up in the backstory of the characters and want to learn everything you can about them.

Like –  the best question – what is in their heads? In a game that has every detail carefully crafted, it makes you want to crack (sorry, Cuphead!) the case of what liquid is in their heads. If they are mugs and cups, then does that mean the liquid in their head is hot? Why are there straws then? Is there a purpose to the liquid that we just haven’t discovered yet? So many Cuphead mysteries! So, lose yourself in the game, and enjoy learning about one of the most unique and imaginative video games out there.

Cuphead and Mugman characters under their names

Make your own deal with the devil and enter the amazing world of Cuphead today.

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