It’s time to head down memory lane with your favorite childhood story about cowboys, space rangers, and the joys of friendship. The newest installment of the beloved Toy Story series, Toy Story 4, hits theaters on June 21st and audiences can’t wait for a playdate with all of their old friends.

However, there is more than just the motley crew of Andy and Bonnie’s original toys to look forward to! This time there are a few new friends like Forky, Bunny, and Ducky to meet, plus there are also a few familiar Pixar faces waiting to surprise you too!

Let’s check out who else you might meet at the premiere of Toy Story 4 by uncovering some of the Pixar Easter eggs hidden in the official trailer!

1) Monsters, Inc:

Monsters Inc's Boo is standing next to text, "I'm your boo"

We see Forky’s conception in a scene where Bonnie is diligently building her new best friend, Forky, at school. The confused little spork with googly eyes and pipe cleaners for hands isn’t the only thing to pay attention to in this scene though.

If you watch carefully then you might just catch a fuzzy blur of someone special sitting in the back of Bonnie’s classroom. We’d recognize those dark bangs, pigtails, and pink shirt anywhere! It’s our favorite Monsters, Inc. character, Boo!

A Boo and Bonnie crossover?! OMG, their Hollywood name is definitely “Boonie” and we just can’t wait to see what happens when these two meet.

2) Brave:

Merida and her Mother Bear holding each other's hands in front of Celtic symbol

Woody goes on an unexpected road trip after Forky has an existential crisis about his new purpose in life. On their journey, Woody rediscovers his old love, Little Bo Peep, in an antique store.

The newly clad Bo Peep is certainly not living life feeling like a lost sheep though (and she’s learned a few ninja moves while she’s been away). In fact, if it hadn’t been for her then Forky and Woody might have fallen victim to the terrifying Gabby Gabby doll and her creepy army of ventriloquist dummies.

However, if you pay close attention to the Gabby chase scene, you might just discover an Easter egg from Disney Pixar’s Brave hidden in the details. Right before Little Bo Peep trips Gabby Gabby with her staff, there is a flash of a scene with a decorative plate that has Merida’s family crest printed on it. This homage to the brave Merida is a perfect way to frame Little Bo Peep’s courageous life full of new freedoms.

3) Coco:

Hector's guitar is printed with "Seize Your Moment in the Land of the Dead"

Bo Peep introduces Woody to a whole new world when she gives him a tour of the carnival that she has been living in since leaving Andy’s toy chest. Not only are Woody and Buzz faced with a new understanding of what it means to be a toy living in a carnival, but they also meet Bunny and Ducky who are two toys that desperately want to be won.

Bunny and Ducky have been tacked up on a prize board forever and they both just want more out of life. Except …maybe there is more if they had just taken a closer look.

If you scrutinize the prizes that are tacked up on the board next to Bunny and Ducky, you might see what looks like Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar from Coco pinned beside them! Maybe Bunny and Ducky should “seize the moment” and learn to play guitar while they wait for their forever homes?

4) The Incredibles 2

Jack Jack featured in red, with his demon alter-ego behind him

In Toy Story 4 we meet Duke Caboom, or the 1970s toy that was marketed after a motorcycle stuntman from Canada. Poor Duke has been forced to relive his failures as a toy over and over again, while gathering dust in an antique store.

He feels like a failure because he’s never been able to perform the gravity-defying stunts as shown in his original toy commercial. However — other than Caboom’s existential crisis — there’s more to him than just a snazzy mustache.

If that mustached stuntman looks familiar, it’s because you might remember him from his cameo in The Incredibles 2 hanging out in Jack Jack’s crib!

5) Up

Dug, the dog from Up, standing in-between the text, "My name is Dug, I just met you and… squirrel!"

In the newest Toy Story 4 movie poster, all of your favorite toys are front and center. We see Forky, Bo, Woody, Gabby, and more hanging out in the antique store together.

And — if that wasn’t already enough to get you excited — there are even more stars hidden on the poster too!

If you follow Bo Peep’s staff, you might just catch a peek of the best doggone poker game ever in the corner! On a dark and grimy photo on the wall of the antique store, all of the dogs from the film Up — like the adorable Dug — are playing a game of poker with the villain, Charles Muntz.

What sort of other secrets are hidden within the walls (or on the walls) of this shop!?



If you weren’t already excited to head back to infinity and beyond with the Toy Story 4 release on June 21st, then we hope that revealing these hidden Pixar Easter eggs (or maybe just getting to wear a Fifth Sun Toy Story 4 shirt) will do the trick! Now go hunting to see if you can find any more for yourself!

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