Santa has a lot on his mind during the holidays and the last thing he needs is to stress about what to get his reindeer too!

And — believe us — the reindeer are not easy to shop for. They get to see all the presents that Santa has for the boys and girls around the world, so they have pretty high expectations this Christmas.

Thankfully, Santa found out about Fifth Sun’s best-selling tees and now he has something for everyone. Santa is about to “make it rein” for his reindeer with some awesome Fifth Sun apparel.

Let’s check out what everyone is getting this year with Fifth Sun’s best-selling designs!

1) Cupid

"More than a fan" with the "a" as the Avengers logo

Cupid’s been shot with an arrow and he’s fallen in love with all things Marvel this year.

He can’t stop talking about how amazing the Avengers: Infinity War movie was, or how terrifying Venom’s teeth are, or even how much he wants to try one of Deadpool’s famous chimichangas.

And that’s a pretty big deal! Santa’s reindeer are very picky eaters and they usually only eat candy canes, Mrs. Claus’ cookies, and maple syrup.

So, Santa knows that Cupid will love a “More than a Fan” Marvel style!

2) Blitzen

Classic scene of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader framed in a circle

Blitzen recently became obsessed with Tauntauns from the Star Wars trilogy and he just can’t get enough of anything Star Wars related!

He was even hoping that Santa might recruit a few Tauntauns to pull his sleigh this year.

Thankfully, Santa was able to find the perfect classic Star Wars look just for him with the best-selling Classic Scene Circle tee.

3) Donner

cartoon Porg is printed across the Star Wars logo and a 1970's inspired pattern

Donner is never far from her bestie, Blitzen, so you just know that she’s all about Star Wars this year too!

In fact, she keeps asking Santa if they can travel to a galaxy far away to deliver gifts on Christmas.

She really wants to meet some Ewoks and Porgs, but she’ll happily settle for the Porg shirt that Santa found for her instead. 

4 & 5) Rudolph

Rafiki is in a lotus pose with his eyes close. He is depicted with geometric patterns and colorful shades

Llama Kuzco is portrayed in distressed text alongside "No Touchy"

There’s no question that Santa’s favorite reindeer is Rudolph! If it weren’t for him, they’d never be able to fly on foggy nights and there would be no one to guide his sleigh on Christmas. So, Rudolph is getting two shirts this year! He’s been in love with all things Disney since he saw Frozen and the reindeer Sven became his hero. He thought Sven was the real hero of the story. Santa found the perfect Disney shirts with a best-selling The Lion King and The Emperor’s New Groove shirt!


6) Vixen

A beige and red print on the front of the chimp features the Gas Monkey Logo and "Blood Sweat Beers"

Vixen is really into building hot rods and fast cars this year. In fact — to Santa’s dismay — he keeps tinkering with the sleigh and he really wants to get it to fly faster.

Santa knows Vixen will love a Gas Monkey shirt (but he’s also hoping it might distract the reindeer from breaking the sleigh). 


7) Dancer

Starchild, Demon, Spaceman, and the Cat are depicted walking in flames of a Marvel special comic

He loves to dance! I mean, it’s his name for a reason. Right now Dancer’s favorite thing to do is rock and roll all night and sleigh every day to KISS songs.

The other reindeer are a little tired of hearing KISS on repeat in the sleigh, but even they will be excited when they see the cool KISS shirt Santa found for him.

8) Comet

Classic red and red Jurassic Park logo with T-Rex

Comet just discovered that a comet might have made the dinosaurs go extinct and she’s gotten a little obsessed with all of it.

She keeps watching Jurassic Park and Jurassic World because she wants to learn as much as she can about dinosaurs!

9) Prancer

Elastigirl jumping in yellow circle with text, "Incredible mom"

Prancer can never stop talking about how great her mom is. In fact she is always saying, “my mom makes better cookies than Mrs. Claus” or “my mom sleighs it all year long.” Prancer’s mom is the coolest.

Thankfully, Santa found the perfect Pixar The Incredibles shirt that both Prancer and her mom can wear this holiday!

10) Dasher

Distressed Liverpool logo and white text, "Liverpool FC Anfield" on bright red background

This reindeer is all about staying fit! He especially loves soccer and dashing across the field to score a goal. Having 4 feet means he’s pretty good at football too!

He loves to yell “COAL” when he scores which really throws people off…

Either way, he really scored with this soccer Liverpool F.C. shirt.

11) Mrs. Claus

Distressed Cuphead with his hand on his hips and Mugman has his fist in his hand

Santa knows that he can’t forget the lovely Mrs. Claus and — this year — she took up gaming as a hobby! In fact, she’s particularly addicted to Cuphead.

She originally played the video game because she thought it might have a recipe for the best cocoa (I mean the characters are cups and mugs after all) but instead she just fell in love with the game itself!

Santa can’t wait to show her the Cuphead style he found for her.

12) Santa Claus

Superheroes from Infinity War are portrayed across a starry night while Thanos looms above

Santa couldn’t help but get himself a little gift too. He picked himself up a Marvel Black Panther shirt while he was out at Fifth Sun.

Santa is always on the “Nice List” so he deserved a little treat this year!



Santa will rest easy knowing that he went to Fifth Sun to find gifts for everyone on his list this year! Check out Fifth Sun’s best-sellers and make holiday shopping easy too (so you can focus on eating gingerbread cookies and drinking eggnog) this season!

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