We love cats on the internet. We’ll watch video after video of cats and cucumbers, cats being jerks, or cats falling asleep (they’re just so sleepy). Still though, there is no cat on the internet that won our hearts the way that Grumpy Cat has. Tardar Sauce made it cool to love cats on the internet. She was cutting edge, sarcastic, and cynical. Tardar Sauce is the hipster of the internet cats and everyone – even non-cat lovers— can appreciate her sass.

Often people who love cats risk being labeled “the crazy cat lady” or becoming that creepy Gargamel figure who lives alone with his cat, plotting revenge on the Smurfs. No one wants to be that guy… However, thanks to Grumpy Cat, cat lovers found an acceptable outlet for their cat obsession, and it didn’t result in neighborhood children taunting or throwing rocks at them. Rejoice, cat lovers, because we have found Grumpy Cat! Not only did she make it cool to send cat meme after cat meme to your friends, but she also made it acceptable to embrace feeling grumpy. She is the voice of our generation and she just gets it.

Here are some of our favorite Grumpy Cat moments: 
Grumpy cat meme with the text, "Happy birthday. You got old"

This is literally how every birthday after 26 feels... 

Grumpy cat meme with the text, "The worst thing about waking up? Everything until I go to bed again."

I’m pretty sure this is the face we all have on Monday morning.

Grumpy cat wrapped in blanket with the text, "Winter. I hate it"

You love the idea of winter. You don’t love the reality of winter.

Grumpy cat meme with the text, "It's not me. It's you"

If only you could just hand this photo out instead of having to talk to people sometimes.

Grumpy cat meme with the text: "Evil lurks in the darkness beyond. I'll be outside"

She’s a poet.

Cat meme with Darth Vader saying, "Come to the dark side". Grumpy cat responds with "Ok"

Combining our love of Star Wars and Grumpy Cat? #winning


Grumpy Cat is a visionary. She always knows just what to say, or has that perfect insightful commentary about life for us; plus, she makes loving cats hip, which we appreciate. Thanks, Tardar Sauce! You’re a cool cat in our book.

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