International Cat Day (August 8th) is just an excuse to talk about how much we love our cats. They’re amazing! I mean, just look at those jelly bean toes.



Move over, dogs! Today is all about cats. Er...actually, the cat wants the dog bed (even though a perfectly good cat bed is right next to it...) so the dog might literally need to move over. What can we say? Cats are kind of jerks, but we love them anyway. Cats are the unicorn of the pet world: elusive, hypnotic, and darn right magical.

A black and white print features the words "I'm a Unicorn" next to an adorable kitten with a unicorn horn

People’s fascination with cats stretches back thousands of years; the ancient Egyptians thought they were sacred, while other people thought cats were witches’ familiars and possessed unholy powers like stealing a baby’s essence. Gasp. Not the essence!

Whether you love cats — or you’re just scared about them stealing your essence — we can all get excited about the 5 coolest cats in Fifth Sun’s universe:

1) Marvel

Black Panther is portrayed in a fun kawaii style underneath his name in white text

The Marvel comics are filled with fantastic heroes and terrifying villains. And — because cats can be both heroic and villainous sometimes (they’ll save you from a spider one minute and then knock your water glass over the next) — the idea of a Marvel cat-inspired hero makes total sense!

Marvel has several characters who take after the cat family like Black Cat and White Tiger, but the most popular “cat” hero is paws down Black Panther!

The most famous cat-like hero, T’Challa, is both the leader of the Panther Tribe and is spiritually connected to the Wakandan Panther God; he embodies the strength, speed, and reflexes of his namesake, the panther. Plus, his suit has ears! So he’s a cat in our book.

2) CatDog

Design features cat looking grossed out while dog is excited over the bowl of dog food in front of them

Is it a cat? Is it a dog? Or is it both!? Wait, huh? Nickelodeon’s CatDog introduced children to the weirdest brother duo on television with the conjoined twins, Cat, and his brother, Dog.

Although there is a lot going on here that we never really understood (how exactly are their internal organs laid out...), audiences still fell in love with the delightful oddballs and their relatable life problems.

Every kid can relate to a sibling encroaching on their space or dragging them off to bark at a garbage truck. Wait, your siblings didn’t make chase garbage trucks? We always thought that was normal...

3) The Amazing World of Gumball

Gumball is portrayed shrugging with the phrase "What the What?"

Head to the fictional town of Elmore with Cartoon Network’s wackiest family, the Wattersons, and have an adventure with the 12-year-old cat, Gumball, and his adopted goldfish brother, Darwin.

Gumball is the coolest cat on television, even if he and his brother are always getting themselves into trouble. Can you blame them though? They’re 12 years old...plus they’re a cat and a fish so we’re just glad they’re not trying to eat each other.

4) Animal Crossing

Rosie, is portrayed in distressed print with "Always Be Yourself" across the top

It’s time to move to the coolest town around and meet fellow Animal Crossing villagers like Jay, Isabelle, and Mr. Resetti.

The best part about being a villager in Animal Crossing is meeting your feline neighbors and hanging out with a bunch of cool cats all day like Rosie and Kid Cat!

There are 29 different cats in the Nintendo video game series with personality traits like “snooty”, “lazy”, “peppy”, and more. It’s almost like hanging out with a real cat, except these ones wear adorable little suits and sweater vests.

5) Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat meme with the text, "Purr evil"

Tardar Sauce may not look happy to see you, but she is actually really...not happy to see you. Yeah, she’s just not happy to see you.

The beloved internet sensation, Grumpy Cat, is the perfect poster child for all things grumpy. Yet somehow she manages to put a negative spin on things while still being adorable!

You don’t want to go to your friend’s awkwardly themed birthday party? Just send a “Nope” RSVP with a picture of Grumpy and all will be forgiven!


Three cats jet ski on sharks while goldfish, dolphins, and seagulls follow behind on this epic tie-dye print

There is literally nothing that a cat can’t do. Well...other than open a can of cat food. Besides that though, cats can do anything they want to do like be a superhero, a cartoon star, or an internet sensation. Celebrate all the cool cats in your life with a funny Fifth Sun cat-inspired shirt today!

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