We know that Valentine’s Day can be confusing. Do you buy your crush a bouquet of roses? Do you stand outside their bedroom with a boombox over your head? Or do you just go all out and rent a blimp with their face on it and fly over their house a few times?

Whatever you decide to do (and we recommend not doing the blimp thing), we thought we should check what our love experts think is the best way to celebrate your special someone this Valentine’s Day!


1) Make Crazy Eyes at Someone: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If you are anything like Rebecca Bunch, then you’re going to go ALL out this Valentine’s Day.

Heck, you might even move to West Covina to follow your Valentine (don’t worry, though, Rebecca did not move to West Covina because Josh lives there...that would be crazy)!

Show you care this Valentine’s Day the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend way with a dance sequence, a song, and maybe even a giant pretzel.

Rebecca might be a little crazy... er... enthusiastic, but there’s no denying that she would make her special someone feel really loved on Valentine’s Day.

Movie poster of Rebecca is sitting down on a chair with her legs crossed while she is smoking

2) Be a Jerk, Football Head: Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold!

Helga follows the tough love approach when it comes to her secret crush, Arnold. And by tough love we mean she just bullies him mercilessly.

Don’t be fooled by her tough exterior though, Helga is a softie and is all about loving Arnold from afar with secret poems or dramatic monologues.

He may not know how she feels (at least not right away), but she’s a secret romantic at heart and her constant bullying was all just part of her plan to win him over!

We’re not sure how this will work for you on Valentine’s Day (since calling someone “Football Head” doesn’t exactly win you any points) but hey, it ended up working for Nickelodeon’s cutest couple, Helga and Arnold!

Helga shaking her fist with the text, "Move it, football head!"

3) Be Cool as Carbonite: Star Wars’ Han Solo and Princess Leia

If you’re planning on playing it cool with your special someone this year, then take a page out of the Star Wars playbook! Han and Leia’s famous “I love you. I know” scene is pretty much the coolest way of “playing it cool” there is out there. So, if you’re looking to be a little bit of a scoundrel on Valentine’s Day, be sure to channel your inner scruffy-looking nerf herder.

It does seem like a risky move though... Did he mean “I love you too” or was it more of a “I’m not the droid you’re looking for” kind of answer?

Either way, Leia probably spent that Valentine’s Day over-analyzing the comment and then wishing Solo wasn’t frozen in carbonite so they could have “the talk.” Still, there’s no couple more iconic than Han Solo and Princess Leia, so maybe playing it cool is the way to go.

"Be mine. Don't Fly Solo" Heart shaped Star Wars ship

4) Love to the Moon and Back: Pixar’s WALL-E

WALL-E is your guy er...robot when it comes to love advice! The lonely robot spent his entire life shoveling trash and getting ready to win the droid of his dreams.

When EVE meets WALL-E he’s a wonderful dancer (she is definitely not), he loves watching sunsets, and he would love nothing more than to spend the rest of his existence holding the robot hand of someone special.

WALL-E wins EVE’s heart with his bravery, his devotion, and a little help from a fire extinguisher. It’s hard to imagine that a tiny little trash robot has the biggest heart in space, but there’s no denying that Pixar’s WALL-E and EVE are the ultimate love story.

Boy robot meets girl robot, boy robot follows girl robot across the galaxy, and then boy robot and girl robot live happily ever after holding hands, dancing through space, and giving electric kisses forever.

WALL-E and EVE are printed in four squares with hearts5)  Treat Yo’ Self: Marvel’s Deadpool

Don’t fret if you are spending Valentine’s Day solo this year because that just means you can make it a day to love yourself and treat yo’ self!

And who better to learn how to treat yo’ self than from Deadpool? Deadpool is all about doing exactly what Deadpool wants. And what does Deadpool want? Probably a date night with himself and some tacos and chimichangas. That sounds like a pretty perfect Valentine’s Day to us.

So, if you’re not looking to find a someone special this year and you’re hoping for more of a “Special of the Day” kind of holiday, then look to Marvel’s Deadpool for help!

Cupid Deadpool shooting taco tipped arrows with the text, "I love you and by you I mean tacos"


If none of these sound like ideal way to spend Valentine’s day (or the best plan to win your special someone’s heart), try treating them (or yourself) to a funny Fifth Sun Valentine’s Day t-shirt instead! The perfect V-Day tee seems like a better plan of action than getting called “Football Head” anyway!

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