In the comedy film, Miss Congeniality, Miss Rhode Island is asked to describe her perfect date. She shares, “That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th, because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.” So, in honor of the perfect date, we’re taking you on an actual perfect date night with a magic carpet ride to celebrate the ultimate love story with Disney’s Aladdin.

The fiercely-independent Princess Jasmine and the street rat Aladdin overcame all sorts of obstacles to be together; there’s no palace wall too high, no adviser too evil, nor any magical meddling too extreme that could have kept them apart. More importantly, though, their love flourished despite (or maybe even because of) all of those pesky third wheels hanging around. With their friends’ help, their magic carpet ride — not too hot, not too cold — became the perfect date and an opportunity for those two crazy kids to fall in love!

Love conquers all (especially when you have a few wingmen or a few good third wheels to help). Let’s check out the Aladdin characters who made the perfect date possible!

1) Never Had a Wing Man Like Me: Genie

Genie has a mic in hand and a blue neon sign that says, "applause" behind him

There’s no doubt that the perfect date (and Jasmine and Aladdin’s love story) was only possible with Genie’s help. He was the ultimate wingman!

Even though it was Aladdin’s real personality that made Jasmine fall in love with him, Genie’s magic and Prince Ali’s entourage certainly didn’t hurt. Genie is the reason that Prince Ali had 95 white Persian monkeys (he's got the monkeys, let's see the monkeys) and how could you not want to go on a date with a guy who has 95 Persian monkeys!?

2) Yo, Rug man! Give Us some Tassel: Magic Carpet

Lamp and carpet from Aladdin with the text, "rug life" above them

Magic Carpet might be a rug of few words, but he’s really just a romantic at heart. Carpet is central to Jasmine and Aladdin’s romantic first date because he is literally steering the whole night!

Not only does he start the night off right by picking a flower for Jasmine, but then he also flies to some of the most romantic destinations around the world to give Jasmine and Aladdin that perfect date night experience.

How do you top a date (and the third wheel who makes it possible) where you get to zoom through clouds, fly alongside wild horses, or travel to places like Greece, China, and Egypt without having to wait in line at an awful airport? We want Magic Carpet to plan all of our nights out too!

3) You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me: Rajah

Rajah in black and white with the text, "are you kitten me?"

Jasmine’s best friend, or the tiger Rajah, is her greatest defender and her fiercest fan. Without his unwavering support, Jasmine may never have met the young street urchin, Aladdin, in the first place.

Although Rajah hates to see Jasmine leave home, he helps her run away so she can live her life far from the scrutiny and rules of palace life. He understands that Jasmine should have the chance to live her life as she chooses; he’ll do anything to make that happen.

And — thanks to Rajah — Aladdin and Jasmine met and a purrfectly wonderful love story unfolded.

4) He’s Not Monkeying Around: Abu

Abu lays down on the ground looking upset with the city behind him

Aladdin’s best friend, Abu, might not always be thrilled about Jasmine winning Aladdin’s heart, but he is nonetheless a loyal and helpful wingman!

He even — begrudgingly — becomes an elephant to help his buddy get the girl. Now that’s some serious devotion. Plus, if it hadn’t been for Abu’s kleptomaniac tendencies, Aladdin may never have met Genie (thus Jasmine) in the first place!

The “little hairy thief” stole the magic lamp right from under Jafar’s nose before he, Carpet, and Aladdin were tossed back into the sinking Cave of Wonders. If it hadn’t been for Abu stealing the lamp, how would Aladdin have gotten those 95 monkeys and finally won over Jasmine?!



Every love story needs a few good people in the background willing to become elephants to help make the perfect date possible! Get ready to relive the magic with the release of Disney’s Aladdin Live-Action movie on May 24th, 2019! It might not be the perfect April 25th date night, but we still think it will be “a whole new world” of fun for you and your special someone. In honor of the love story that makes your heart fly, find the perfect Fifth Sun Disney T-Shirt today!

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