Not that we need another reason to eat chips and dip, but in honor of National Chip & Dip Day on March 23rd we’re planning on eating several bags of potato chips and not feeling guilty about it!

Whether you are all about guacamole, salsa, or a tasty classic bean dip, everyone can agree that certain chips and dips just go together. A plain tortilla chip is just sad...

In honor of things that “just go together” we’re hoping that you and your best friend can celebrate together too. Not only should you never celebrate Chip & Dip Day alone, but there’s also no one better to enjoy a day all about “perfect pairs” with than your bestie! Let’s take a look at other best friend duos who will be celebrating National Chip & Dip Day too!

1) Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros

Luigi and Mario standing back to back with the text, "super Mario"

There is no other duo in Nintendo’s Mushroom Kingdom quite like the best friend pair Mario and Luigi! Why go up against Bowser alone when you can team up with your bestie in a two-player game instead? No one refers to them as the singular Mario Brother, right? That means they’re team for a reason.

Yoshi might end up feeling a little jealous when he hears that Mario considers Luigi his BFF... There’s no way to compete against someone’s twin brother though, right?

The brothers even try to match their outfits and mustaches every day! Now that’s some serious BFF commitment.

2) The Lion King’s Timon and Pumbaa

Simba, Timon, and Pumba are on vacation under palm trees with text, "vacay all day"

We know that hanging out with your best friend means you have “no worries” all day and that’s especially true with The Lion King’s Timon and Pumbaa!

Disney’s most famous best friend pair loves to spend their days eating bugs, singing songs, and relaxing in the warm glow of having a best friend who really gets them.

This friendship “ain't no passing craze” and Timon and Pumbaa understand that only a best friend will hula dance in front of a pack of hungry hyenas with you.

3) Ralph Breaks the Internet’s Vanellope and Ralph

distressed text "Life Tastes Like Barf Smoothies Without You" is printed alongside the best friends Ralph and Vanellope

After a long day in the office/arcade, best friends Vanellope and Ralph from Ralph Breaks the Internet spend all night having adventures or grabbing a glass of root beer at Tappers.

And, when Vanellope’s Sugar Rush game is in desperate need of a new steering wheel, who better to go explore the internet with than her best friend, Ralph?

The best friend pair might run into a few glitches in their friendship along the way, but in the end they learn to understand that friendship isn’t about spending all their time together; it’s really about loving each other through all the ups and downs life throws at them (or the giant army of virus-like Ralphs that the internet throws at them).

4) Star Wars’ Han Solo and Chewbacca 

detailed print of Han and Chewie portray them ready for battle

The best part about having a best friend is that they always understand you even when no one else does. It doesn’t matter how incoherent Star Wars’ Chewie might sound to the rest of the crew, Han Solo always understands exactly what he’s saying.

It might sound like, “Rarrargagggggggggghhh” to some people in the galaxy, but Han Solo understands that it means Chewie needs some quality time with his BFF. Who better to fly through life with than a best friend and co-pilot who really gets you?

Plus, when Han Solo is about to get frozen in carbonite, he knows he can turn to Chewbacca to help Princess Leia. A best friend is someone you can trust to always pull through, even when you’re frozen in carbonite...

5) Monsters Inc’s Sulley and Mike Wazowski 

Mike and Sulley stands back to back as they pose for the camera  

Monsters Inc’s Sulley and Mike Wazowski are not only best friends, but they also work together as “Scarers” and live together too. That’s a lot of quality best friend time!

Mike might feel (and look) a little green with envy when it comes to Sulley’s natural charm and scaring abilities, but he’s also learned that their differences just make them better friends!

In fact, he’d be the first to say, “one without the other, don't mean nothing to me.” You can only count on your best friend to help you hide a toxic human in a city of monsters, right?



Get ready to celebrate National Chips & Dip Day the right way! Take a page out of these best friends’ books and spend a little time with your BFF this holiday. You can go up against a pack of hyenas with your bestie by your side! Be sure to grab a bag of chips, a tasty dip, your best friend, and a Fifth Sun T-Shirt too.


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