Mario is throwing himself a party in honor of Mario Day (March 10th) and he has invited all of his friends from the Mushroom Kingdom! Everyone from the old gang like Bowser, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong have already RSVPed and they’re all looking forward to the all-you-can-eat banana buffet (those banana peels for Mario Kart have to come from someplace).

Except — rather than only inviting the same old crew from the Nintendo Universe — Mario was hoping to branch out and meet a few new faces too. Everyone wants to celebrate Mario Day, right? It’s the perfect opportunity to “Level Up” and go to an even cooler party than normal. And, what better way to celebrate Mario than with lots of mustaches!? Mario has one of the coolest mustaches around and he wants his party to be mustached-themed this year. He was planning on extending a party invitation to all of the kindred mustached characters out there. Luigi thinks it is a fanta-stache idea!

In honor of our favorite plumber (aka the original Jumpman) let’s see whose awesome mustache won them an invite to the Mario Day festivities this year!

1) His Mustache Hooked Us: Peter Pan’s Hook

Mario is no stranger to fighting off villains, but he also strongly believes that anyone who can pull off a cool mustache must actually be a good guy underneath it all. So, Peter Pan’s Hook has to be a super cool guy because...have you seen that mustache!? Mario thinks with a little of Tinker Bell’s fairy dust (or a little help from The Legend of Zelda’s fairy, Navi), Hook might just consider coming to the party.

Captain Hook pulling his mustache by his hook and grinning with the his name underneath him

2) A Mustache Far, Far Away: Star Wars’ Lando

As the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian always has to look his best. In fact, there’s no smuggler or con artist in the entire galaxy with the style or the mustache he has! Who cares if he lost the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo in a game of sabacc because Lando is still winning at life with that amazing stache.

Lando standing in a blue outfit with a gun ready

3) Only Voodoo Magic Makes a Mustache This Cool: The Princess and the Frog’s Mr. Facilier

You better not mess with Disney’s Mr. Facilier (or his perfect mustache) because he’s got friends on the “other side.” He might seem like the worst guy to invite to a party, but all of the Nintendo Boo ghosts begged Mario to invite The Princess and the Frog’s Shadow Man to the party. Not only do they think his mustache is amazing, but they’re also really hoping that he’ll be able to help them contact a few old ghost friends from the other side!

Mr. Facilier holds out his tarot cards with the text, "past present future"

4)  A Mustache As Old As Time: Beauty and the Beast’s Cogsworth

Can you get a cooler mustache than the one found on Beauty and the Beast’s Cogsworth!? Nope. It’s hands down (pun intended) the best mustache around. He might not be the best clock around though... (the hands of his clock are always pointed in the same direction after all), but Mario can’t wait to have him meet all of his friends anyway. He’s hoping they’ll have the “time” of their life at the party!

Live action version of Lumiere, Plumette, Madame de Garderobe, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip. Beauty and the Beast is written in white at the bottom

5) Hot Potato: Toy Story’s Mr. Potato Head

He might be a little hot-headed and a bit of a grump, but there’s definitely no one else with a better-looking mustache than Pixar’s Mr. Potato Head. Plus, we know that Mr. Potato Head is proud of his mustache! He chooses to wear that mustache every morning (he could just take it off and replace it with something else if he wanted)!

toy story characters stands under text, "the toys are back in town"


It’s time to celebrate Mario Day the Mustache Kingdom errr... Mushroom Kingdom way! So, don’t worry if you don’t have a famous mustache like Mario or Luigi because you can have an amazing Mario Day this year anyway. Take home the perfect Fifth Sun Nintendo tee and show off your favorite video game characters in style. Also, be sure to visit Nintendo’s website to learn what other goodies (and discounts) you can get on Mario Day on March 10th!

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