n honor of Earth Day, Fifth Sun is partnering with the non-profit, One Tree Planted, to help plant trees across our planet. One Tree Planted’s mission – started in 2014 – aims to “create a world full of trees” by working with reforestation organizations to plant trees in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Saving the world starts with you: it takes hard work, dedication, and – most importantly – heart.

For every Earth Day-inspired Fifth Sun tee purchased, we will donate one dollar to One Tree Planted. One dollar = one tree. This April, buy an awesome Earth-inspired shirt from the Fifth Sun Earth Day category and help One Tree Planted make a difference; help put one more tree in the ground!

Is there anything a tree can’t do? There are more than 60,000 tree species on earth – the oldest almost boasting its 5000th birthday – and they help clean the air we breathe, they house endless biodiversity, and they provide us with unimaginable beauty. They’re pretty epic and everyone knows it...let's check out why. Check out the 5 most “poplar” trees in the pop-culture forest: 


1)      Pocahontas’ Grandmother Willow

Disney's Grandmother Willow made us wish we had a wise old tree around to give us advice. I mean, should you accept that new job? Do you eat that last slice of pie before starting your diet?! Ask Grandmother Willow, she’ll know. She gives the best advice: listen with your heart. What better guidance is there? Be true to yourself, and – yes –  have that last piece of pie.

Pocahontas is portrayed in a distressed style with flowers in her hair alongside the text, "Listen to Your Heart" on a cool gray background

2)      Lion King’s Tree of Life:

Disney’s Lion King is all about the “circle of life” and awe-inspiring nature, especially Rafiki’s Tree of Life. The famous tree not only makes us wish we could live in a tree (tree house party with Rafiki!)  –  but it is also stands tall and inspiring during the devastation of Scar’s reign; it is a reminder that something better is always coming.

A distressed view of the Savannah landscape with the Lion King logo down the side

3)     Star Wars' Ewoks:

The Ewoks live on the forest moon of Endor and construct villages high atop the canopy of trees. The adorable aliens worship trees as sacred beings: they are the descendants of the “Great Tree” god. Okay, so maybe the Ewoks were a little confused and mistook C-3PO for a god and then wanted to eat Han Solo and Luke Skywalker…but they’re still adorable and they respect trees, so they’re cool in our book.

A vintage-style distressed green print reads "Protect Our Forests" above three Ewoks and the Star Wars logo

4)      Legend of Zelda’s Great Deku Tree

The Great Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time sacrifices itself to save the kingdom from the evil Ganondorf.  Nonetheless, the Great Deku Tree leaves tiny sprouts behind that become the Deku tree that appears in later games and helps Link navigate his quests. It’s also a reminder that when the going gets tough, there is always hope or a chance for new growth.

A retro Death Mountain is surrounded in circular text that says, "Explore The Kingdom of Hyrule. Wisdom. Power. Courage"

5)      Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot:

There is no denying the fact that Groot is the most “poplar” tree in our book. He dances, he says insightful things like “I am Groot”, and he risks his life to save his friends. We’re so glad that trees are amazing and can grow anywhere… apparently even in space! Trees are just that cool.

Baby Groot is featured wearing his space gear, holding Quill's beloved cassette tape, with "Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" across him


We are so lucky to be living on our little blue dot, Earth. The world around us is breathtaking and inspiring; we must remember to help keep it that way. Buy a tee and help plant a tree today with One Tree Planted and Fifth Sun. The tree you help plant could be the next Groot!

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