Han Solo is the scruffy-looking nerf herder who we all know and love; he is one of the most beloved and enduring Star Wars' characters in the galaxy. Still, Han Solo wouldn’t be who he is today if he was – in fact – riding solo all the time. Those hilarious quips and sassy one-liners just wouldn’t work the same if he was talking to himself or to say, maybe, a sock puppet?

Plus, that would have made for an entirely different plot line… a story about a hermit who travels the cosmos saving people (don’t talk to him though, because he’s not really that great with people!) wouldn’t have made for as timeless a movie.

The people around Han Solo help balance him, encourage him, and – sometimes, even –  keep him on the straight and narrow path. And, it looks like our favorite rebel’s beginnings were no different! Han Solo has been surrounded by some of the coolest folks in the galaxy since his early days, and now we finally get to learn a little more about them.

Who are the co-pilots helping steer Han Solo on the bumpy road of life in the newest Solo: A Star Wars Story?

1) Lando Calrissian

Lando is pictured in a distressed print with his name and the Millennium Falcon

Lando Calrissian, the original owner of the Millennium Falcon, has always been a charming and captivating character in the Star Wars franchise. Han Solo and Lando go way back; and now we finally get to see how their rocky friendship starts!

The young smugglers seem to both love and hate each other and we can’t wait to find out why. I mean, we know that Lando thinks Han Solo “stole” the Millennium Falcon, and that in the future Lando betrays his friend to Darth Vader so… the two obviously have a few things to work out.

2) Qi’ra

Qi'ra is portrayed in distressed print with "We're Doing This My Way Qi'ra" in pink

The mysterious Qi’ra is going to be an exciting piece of the Han Solo puzzle. Not only does she appear in several important scenes (in widely different costumes and “personas”) indicating she is going to be a pretty epic character, but she also hints at knowing Han Solo better than anyone else. We may learn more about Han Solo’s childhood and upbringing through Qi’ra’s eyes.

3) Tobias Beckett

Chewie, Lando, Beckett, Qi'ra and more are printed in a watercolor style across the red Star Wars logo

Beckett is still a fuzzy figure in the Solo: A Star Wars Story film, but we can guess that he plays a mentor role to Han. In fact, it almost seems like Beckett may be the guy who helps Han head down the smuggler’s path. He says, “Hey kid, I'm putting together a crew. You in?” Who was Han Solo before he was a smuggler and part of the “crew”? We think Beckett might have that answer.

4) Millennium Falcon

A vintage graphic portrays the infamous Millennium Falcon that reads "Kessel Run The Millennium Falcon Model YT-1300" in distressed text

We know that the Millennium Falcon isn’t exactly a character in the regular sense of the word, but in a world where robots are considered family, we can assume that spaceships can at least be counted as “friends.”

The Millennium Falcon has been with Han through thick and thin, through hyperdrive (in less than 12 parsecs, in fact), and through every major battle.

Now it’s time to learn how the old hunk of junk found its way to Han Solo during that infamous game of sabacc.

5) Chewbacca

 A grayscale graphic shows Wookiee with his blaster and goggles framed by red across the front

There is no doubt that Chewie and Han Solo are besties. Han Solo is one of the few people who understands – quite literally – the giant Wookiee. In turn, Han Solo’s co-pilot seems to be one of the few people who can say, or maybe growl, advice to Han Solo and have him take it seriously. Now we finally get to see how the famous BFF pair – Hanbacca? Chewbolo? – came to be.



So, get ready for hyperdrive because it’s time to learn more about Han Solo and his co-pilots! Get new Fifth Sun Solo: A Star Wars Story tees in time for the movie premiere on May 25th, 2018.

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