Everyone is always gushing over the belle of the ball. Or — in the case of Disney — maybe just Belle...or Cinderella, Ariel, and Elsa. We may love our Disney princesses, but the truth is that sometimes they steal the show. It’s time to give a little love to the characters behind the scenes that make our favorite Disney stories possible.

Move over, princess squad! The sidekick squad is here for some love.

1) A Whole New World

Rug and lamp from Aladdin with the text, "Rug life" above them

Disney’s Aladdin is filled with lovable sidekicks like Genie, Rajah, Abu, and Iago. In fact, some of them even have their own songs, hilarious one-liners, and heartfelt moments that move the story along.

But, do you know who didn’t make that list? Carpet! Found in the Cave of Wonders, the quiet (but delightful) Magic Carpet never stops proving his worth to his new friends.

What sort of recognition does Carpet get for it? Nothing! He never even gets a real name! It’s like if we called Aladdin “Human” the entire movie. Carpet risks his life on numerous occasions to save his friends. In fact, without him the entire “Whole New World” song would have been impossible. I mean, you can’t exactly see the whole world from the back of a camel.

2) Bubble Baths All Day

Pocahontas is staring into the distance with Meeko and Flit as the wind and leaves encircles her

In Pocahontas we meet sidekicks like Meeko, Flit, and Grandmother Willow. However, it is Governor Radcliffe’s pug, Percy, that we think deserves more love!

The spoiled lapdog goes from a life of luxury — eating dog treats off carousels and taking bubble baths — to choosing an unknown future by staying in the New World with Pocahontas and Meeko.

That seems like a pretty major character arc to us. What brought on Percy’s transformation? We need an entire movie dedicated to Percy to learn more about this inner journey of discovery!

3) One Lucky Bug

Mushu and cricket peeks out from a hole. Cricket looks upset at Mushu, while Mushu looks shocked

In Mulan we fall in love with Mushu, Grandmother Fa, and fellow soldiers like Yao, Ling, and Chien Po.

Unfortunately, there are so many hilarious characters in the Disney cartoon that sometimes we forget about the little guys. Literally.

The “lucky” cricket, Cri- Kee, stole our hearts with his undying loyalty, bravery, and strong moral compass. Although he knows that he isn’t actually a “lucky” cricket, he never leaves Mulan’s side. The Huns are terrifying — and they’re giant — so just imagine what they looked like to a cricket. That takes bravery!

4) “He Don’t Talk None”

An outline of Dopey with the text, "The dopey one"

Poor Dopey...his name is almost worse than Carpet’s! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' Dopey may not have been the sharpest tool in the dwarves’ shed, but he is definitely the sweetest.

Although he never speaks, audiences can’t help but love his childlike enthusiasm and kind heart. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Dopey the dwarves may never have worked up the nerve to investigate the stranger sleeping in their beds.

If it weren’t for Dopey, the dwarves may have ended up sleeping in the mine that night, which would have made for a totally different movie.

5) Cutest Bacon on the Island

Pua, smiles out at you with text that reads "Pua the Pig"

The adorable pig, Pua, from Moana is the one sidekick we want to see more of.

Why did the rooster, HeiHei, get to go on the ocean voyage, while Pua was stuck at home on the island fending off hungry villagers?

Pua is Moana’s best friend and he supports her dreams to sail the ocean. Although he eventually gets left behind, we think he would have been a big help to Moana on her journey.

Mostly, though, he’s adorable and we just want to see him do more cute pig things.



These fun Disney sidekicks may not say a lot, but their actions speak louder than words. They are always there to move the story along, keep you laughing, and even save the day from time to time. So, don’t let their silence fool you, every Disney character has a special role to play! Celebrate your favorite characters with a fun Disney shirt today!

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