There’s no doubt that Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs introduced us to the O.G. villain of our childhood — the Wicked Witch — but we have a long list of even more terrifying villains who followed in her footsteps. In honor of Halloween right around the corner, we’re taking a look at the scariest villains of them all.


1) Welcome to the Black Lodge: BOB

The mysterious entrance to the Black Lodge is portrayed in a haunting style, with gray and red print

The beloved cult classic, Twin Peaks, was the perfect mix of the terrifying and the humorous; it introduced audiences to favorites like Agent Cooper, Audrey, and the Log Lady.

However, although the television series never lacked in chilling characters, it was the ultimate “bad guy” BOB who won a spot on the scariest villains list.

The mysterious BOB was a terrifying denim-clad man (who knew that denim could be so scary?), who also somehow made the act of climbing over a couch into something of a nightmare. The most frightening thing about BOB was that he could literally be anyone. Wait...are you BOB!?


2) The End is Near: Thanos 

Thanos is printed in a cool purple streak style, with the Avengers characters decorating the graphic to make the outline of his face

In the newest Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War, audiences get to know the omnipotent Thanos, who —  with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet  — could destroy everyone and everything that gets in his way.

However, it’s not Thanos’ supreme power that makes him the scariest villain in the Marvel universe...it’s the motive behind his desire for destruction. Unlike other villains who might wreak havoc for selfish reasons or simply for the love of chaos, Thanos believes that destroying the world is altruistic and he’s doing the “right” thing. What’s more terrifying than a super-villain who thinks he’s actually the good guy?

Plus, there’s that whole weird thing about Thanos falling in love with Death. Being in love with Death definitely wins you some serious villain points.

3) He’s Surrounded by Idiots: Scar

 An eerie geometric style print of Scar in shades of green and blue

Disney has a long line of wonderfully wicked villains, but The Lion King’s Scar is certainly one of the most wicked.

Although he has a little bit of an inferiority complex, he’s still able to brainwash an entire army of hyenas and — with their help — he takes over the Pride Lands through intelligence, charisma, and scheming.

Still, Scar is the worst because — well — he pushes Mufasa off a cliff. You can’t do anything worse than that. There’s nothing more villain-worthy than killing your own brother...

He also has that infamous scar across his face. Every good villain has a hook or a scar, right?

3) Come to the Villain Side: Darth Vader

 Darth Vader's helmet is printed in an orange spray-paint style for Halloween

Although Darth Vader ultimately redeems himself at the end of the Star Wars saga, he’s still one of the best villains in the galaxy.

Not only did he really take that whole dark and brooding thing to heart with his black cape and iconic outfit, but he was also able to terrify people without ever even having to take off his mask.

He was the perfect villain who lurked on the outskirts; appearing only to perform invisible choke-holds, awesome battles, and creepy staring contests with the camera. We never saw his expression underneath that mask, yet he still managed to seem angry all of the time. That’s a pretty epic villain in our books.

5) He Tortures Toys — Just For Fun: Sid

Black and white Sid Skull from Toy Story

You’d think that Buzz Lightyear’s ultimate enemy, Emperor Zurg, is the worst villain in Pixar’s Toy Story, but it’s actually the terrifying Sid!

There is nothing scarier than the scene where Woody and Buzz discover themselves trapped in Sid’s bedroom — a torture chamber filled with locks, toy pieces everywhere, and monsters lurking in the shadows.

Thankfully we learn that Sid’s toys are not — in fact — cannibals like Buzz and Woody believe, but are actually misunderstood creatures who just need Buzz and Woody’s help to defeat the evil Sid. There has never been a more satisfying scene than watching Sid’s toys revolt and teach him a valuable lesson about kindness and respect. That’s a win for the good guys!


A distressed print on the front of gray background reads "Chillin' Like a Villain" around Buzz Lightyear's archenemy Emperor Zurg

So, with the Halloween season upon us, we can’t wait to hang out with some spooky villains. Actually, wait, we don’t want to hang out with a villain! What are we even saying?!

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