There’s no question that the Marvel heroes are always there to save the day but — unfortunately — that can also mean that they are there to steal all of the glory too!

We may love popular heroes like Captain America and Iron Man, but we also think it’s important to remember the people who make it possible for a hero to be a hero.

Saving the world can be a tough job but saving the guy/gal who saves the world can be a really tough job. So, let’s take a look at our favorite people (or animals) who help our heroes save the world day after day!

1) The Guy in the Chair: Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Ned

Peter Parker's prestigious high school's crest is encircled by "Midtown School of Science & Technology Established 1962" in yellow

Even a hero needs a best friend sometimes. Thankfully — in Spider-Man: Homecoming — Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned, helps him save the day by taking on the job as his “Guy in the Chair”. Every hero has that one special person who sits behind a computer and tells him where to go or how to escape the burning building he’s trapped in.

Plus, Ned is always there to help remind Spidey that he may be the Friendly Neighborhood Hero, but he’s also just a normal teenager too. Ned is always bugging (pun intended) his bestie to help him build a Star Wars Lego Death Star or reminding him that he’s not that cool because it’s not like he can control an army of spiders or anything. Sometimes the best kind of sidekick is the one who keeps you humble, keeps you laughing during a long day at Midtown High School, or is there to help when you find out that your crush’s dad is trying to kill you. You might need to talk to someone about that one...


2) Little Sister Forever: Black Panther’s Shuri

Shuri stands in an orange suit with her hands on her hips with the avengers logo behind her

T’Challa may just think of her as his annoying little sister, but Shuri might actually be even cooler than her older brother!

Black Panther’s Shuri is not only the tech genius who keeps the country of Wakanda lightyears ahead of the rest of the world, but she’s also the person who keeps Black Panther from wearing hideous sandals and the one who reminds him that even a hero and a King can freeze like “an antelope in headlights” sometimes.

A hero needs to be humble, right? And who better to do that than a little sister with her constant teasing?

3)  A Cat By Any Other Name: Captain Marvel’s Goose

Goose sits still in front of a space background and an outline of the Captain Marvel logo. Captain Marvel is seen flying across her

We’ve been dying to go “higher, further, faster” with Carol Danvers since we saw the first Captain Marvel trailer. Not only does Captain Marvel crash land in a Blockbuster, but she also punches an old lady on the subway? Oh snap.

This newest Marvel film is on its way to being one of our favorite ones yet! All we know is that we need to find out how this epic battle between the two alien races — the Kree and the Skrulls (and apparently that old lady on the subway) — ends on March 8th!

Honestly though, we’re really just excited to meet Danvers’ adorable cat, Goose. Whether you know Captain Marvel’s cat as Goose or as Chewie (like in the comic books), we know that this kitty is going to be an important paw-rtner for Danvers when she goes up against the villain Talos. We’re not quite sure how yet, but we know that Goose will be sure to keep her “feline” good about life and help her save Earth. Plus, there’s even talk that her adorable cat might actually be an alien creature named a Flerken (who has all sorts of interesting secrets) and we can’t wait to learn more. We always thought that everyone needed a pet cat, but now we know that everyone needs a pet cat!


4)  We Are Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot

print of Baby Groot and a spooky-style vines of the text "Groot" across the front

We know he only says “I am Groot” but he really says so much more than that!

The lovable tree alien, Groot, is the glue (or sap) that holds the Guardians of the Galaxy together.

However — more importantly — Groot risked his own life to save his team. He may not say a lot, but he understands that his team comes first and that “WE are Groot.” We’re not crying, you’re crying!

5)  Get Help: Thor: Ragnarok’s Loki

Loki smirking in front of Thor and Hulk with the text, "surprise!"

Thor and Loki may not always agree that they’re on the same side, but in Thor: Ragnarok the brothers at least have to try to work together...er... sort of.

Not only do they have a few heartfelt moments and “almost” hugs in the film, but the infamous “Get Help” trick helps save the day too!

Thor’s favorite trick of disarming people — or yelling “Help! My brother is hurt!” and then throwing Loki at the unsuspecting guards who run toward them — is a wonderful version of brotherly teamwork. He’s not heavy, he’s my brother!



Being a hero can be an exhausting and thankless job sometimes, but being a sidekick can be even worse! So, we’re celebrating all of the quiet heroes in the background who make it possible for the stars to shine. Cheer on your favorite characters with a Fifth Sun Marvel t-shirt or get ready to yell “Goose” at the top of your lungs at the Captain Marvel premiere on March 8th!

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