Once a year, Star Wars fans celebrate the galaxy far, far away with the much-loved holiday, May the Fourth.

Whether you are celebrating Star Wars Day by wearing your hair in Leia buns, or by trying to talk like Chewie all day (“Arrggggghh argghhh.” Translation: I need coffee), everyone can agree that May the Fourth is the perfect day to celebrate everything Star Wars!

The popular pun “May the Fourth” – originally created by fans – has gained an official following with the observance of Star Wars Day, a once-a-year celebration for all the scruffy-looking nerf herders out there.

So, in honor of the upcoming May the Fourth, the Fifth Sun team is taking you back to a memory far, far away to share their fondest recollections of Star Wars and the fanfare it has inspired:

A 5SUN artist reveals that he has always enjoyed helping other people celebrate May the Fourth; in fact, he even took a page out of R2-D2’s playbook and helped share secret messages about the Death Star. He confesses,

“I was making community calendars for the public and each month I was putting the moon phases and on May 4th I put a Death Star instead; no one at the shop noticed until it was printed. So, the community got a Death Star on the 4th.”

That’s no moon…

A black and white print design of the Death Star and three X-wing starfighters preparing for battle

The Fifth Sun Customer Service Ninja shares that as a kid, she and her siblings made a home video of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope in honor of May the Fourth; she was a director and a pilot of the Millennium Falcon for a day. She remembers,

“It was fantastic! My brother had a pretty dope Millennium Falcon that opened up and was huge (but the little characters were like Polly Pocket sized). We set that on our porch and then my sister (Han) and friend (Luke) popped out of the hatch of the Millennium Falcon by running to the other side of the yard. It looked so hilarious because of the perspective we gave it!”
Blue outline of the Millennium Falcon

Another Fifth Sun graphic designer jokes that May the Fourth gave him the confidence to be a rebel like Han Solo (and do a little smuggling/borrowing of his own). He admits,

“I was the only person who didn’t have a Star Wars shirt on. So, I borrowed the really nice Chewbacca themed Hawaiian shirt from our Fifth Sun display and everybody thought I had the coolest shirt on!”
a cartoon Chewbacca ready to hug you and "I'm Lost Without Chew" encircling him

Another 5Sunner fondly remembers using the Force to create something out-of-this-world. He shares,

“We built a large AT-AT! It was a plywood structure that our artists airbrushed – the surface had so much dimension and texture! The AT-AT was used at our MAGIC tradeshow – then as a stage presence for a Licensor Appreciation event. We even hired a local group of college musicians who loved Star Wars so much –  they performed as our cantina band and played Star Wars themed music in the background as guests entered!”
Behind the scene picture of building the AT-AT
College musicians as cantina band, playing Star Wars themed music

Not only does May the Fourth inspire people to create amazing things: like videos and AT-AT’s, but it also encourages people to behave a little more like their favorite Star Wars characters and be a Jedi, a rebel, or a hero for a day.

"May the Force Be With You" in the style of the opening crawl

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