Every dad out there – whether he’s a stepdad, a grandpa, or even just an older brother who’s always been there – is someone special.

He’s always there to make you smile (or groan) with that perfect “dad joke”, he’s never too far away when you need wise fatherly advice, and you just know that he’d drop everything if you called him for help.

In honor of Father’s Day on June 17th, we’re looking at some of pop culture’s most er...interesting dads.

There are epic "Pops" out there – some cool and some not so cool – and here are our top 7:

1) Thanos: Worst Dad Award

Thanos is portrayed in geometric shapes in shades of purple, teal and gold

Thanos might be the worst dad out there! He literally thinks he’s right about everything (and he also thinks that destroying the world is somehow helping people. Um, not cool). And, this is him on a good day!

Can you imagine a morning when he was up all night helping Gamora finish a school project, he stepped on a Lego heading to the shower, and then he didn’t have any coffee left in the house? Watch out!

Thanos is not the kind of dad who appreciates a macaroni necklace for Father’s Day (unless that macaroni necklace has infinity stones on it instead of macaroni...).

2) Mr. Incredible: Dads Wear Capes Too

Mr. Incredible, known to some as Bob Parr, is printed in a distressed style next to "This Dad is Incredible" text

Phew! After Thanos, we needed a reminder that there are awesome dads out there. Mr. Incredible might have been feeling a little down after giving up his hero days, but he eventually learned that his family is his greatest adventure yet!

In fact, in the upcoming Incredibles 2, opening on June 15th, we get to see Bob Parr juggle the demands of raising three kids, while Elastigirl saves the world.

And boy, can we relate; yes, Bob, sometimes all you can do is give the kid a cookie. If it means losing your sanity (or in your case losing the house to a fire set by Jack-Jack) then a cookie is the lesser of the two evils.

3) Mufasa: You Can Hakuna Matata All Day When He is Your Dad

Gradient yellow, orange, and red Mufasa, is printed across white background that reads "Strong Like Mufasa"

Lion King's Mufasa is the King of Dads! He was the perfect mix of advice giver, playmate, and disciplinarian.

Simba may have had a few mishaps along the way, but Mufasa was always there with patient and thoughtful guidance.

Mufasa’s life lessons taught us all a little something too, like: we are all connected, we must treat everyone with respect, and “being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.”

Plus, Mufasa’s love and encouragement guided Simba throughout his life – even after he himself is gone. *Shakes fist at Disney* Scar, we will never forgive you!

4) Marlin: Clownfishes Tell the Best Dad Jokes

Nemo's tired father, Marlin, is encircled by the title "Father of the Year"

He might be the most neurotic clownfish in the sea, but he’s also the best dad the Great Barrier Reef has ever seen!

Nemo’s overprotective dad, Marlin, must learn that there is a healthy balance when it comes to loving your children: sometimes you need to give them a little space to experience life. As Dory said, “You can't let nothing happen to him, because then nothing will happen to him.”

However, in the end, Marlin travels the across the ocean, comes face to face with dangerous creatures, and overcomes his own fears and insecurities to save his son from danger. Now that is a father’s love. Marlin may not be the funniest clownfish in the sea (not all clowns are funny, okay?) but he’s still the kind of dad who would do anything for his kid.

5) Yondu: He’s Cool Like Mary Poppins

The head of the Ravagers, Yondu Udonta, holding an arrow in his right hand in front of a galaxy background

Marvel's Yondu is not a conventional dad by any means. He likes to pretend that he only kept Star-Lord because he was “skinny” and would make a good thief; eventually, we learn that he actually saved Peter Quill from his “jackass” of a father, Ego, because Ego was planning on killing him...

Yondu is the perfect example that sometimes a dad doesn’t need to be related by blood – a real father is someone who comes through for you when you really need them. Yondu sacrifices himself to save Quill and says, “He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy."

I don’t’ think we’ve cried that hard since Mufasa...

6) Despicable Me: Best Fairy Princess

Gru pouts in an adorable pink fairy outfit on this funny Gru shirt that reads "Father of the Year" across the bottom

Despicable Me's Gru may have started out as the villain, but he ended as up as the hero to his adopted daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes (and maybe even an army of Minions).

At first, he only begrudgingly watches over the girls but – Gru is a big softie  – he learns that being a dad is the most rewarding accomplishment there is. Who needs to steal the moon when you have the love of three daughters?

Whether it’s dressing like a Fairy Princess or using his freeze blaster on any boy who snubs his daughter (okay we don’t recommend this one, but we can’t deny that we’ve all wanted to do it), there is nothing he wouldn’t do for them.

Dads come in all sorts of packages; the important thing is that love looks the same no matter how it is dressed.

7) Darth Vader: I Am Your Father

A drawing-style print of Darth Vader is featured next to "Best Dad in the Galaxy"

Star Wars' Darth Vader is possibly the most iconic and infamous dad in the galaxy.

His most quoted line: “I Am Your Father” means that you can never forget that he was Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia’s dad.

We wouldn’t exactly call him the best dad out there (I mean, he could be a real jerk sometimes...) but in the end he risks his life to save his son.

So, Darth Vader is proof that a father’s love can redeem even the most adamant Dark Side supporters.



This Father’s Day be sure to get your dad something like a Fifth Sun Father’s Day shirt along with that macaroni necklace! Dads are always the loudest cheerers, the most enthusiastic helpers, and the most loyal supporters and they deserve to be celebrated. Just remember, you might be embarrassed by your dad sometimes, but at least he isn’t trying to destroy the world...now that would be embarrassing.

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