Pixar’s The Incredibles (2004) won our hearts with its superhero antics, fantastic graphics, and a wonderful combination of humor and insightful commentary on life.

Everyone loves the story of Good overcoming Evil or the one about the hero flying in to save the day. However, Pixar plays on our love of the classic superhero story and then adds a brilliant twist by incorporating real-life struggles into the mix too – like: is there a right and wrong way to raise your kids, can you juggle work and dreams, and how do you embrace your true self.

Aw man, Pixar. We’re delving into some heavy stuff here! We thought we were watching a light-hearted comedy about people in spandex suits and now (BOOM!) we’re openly weeping in the theater.

Let’s take a look at the moments when our favorite Supers imparted truly inspirational words of wisdom:

1) You Have More Power than You Realize

Elastigirl stretches across this relaxed fit tank top with "Stretch to My Limits" above her in cursive

We know that Helen Parr is super – she is Elastigirl after all – but she’s also an amazing mother to Violet, Dash, and Jack- Jack. And, she’s a relatable and sympathetic character too.

She makes mistakes and she doesn’t know what the right thing is all the time either; but, she’s also working to make her children’s lives better and her love is powerful and fierce – something that every parent can relate to. Plus, she gives inspiring advice.

Helen tells Violet:

“You have more power than you realize. Don't think, and don't worry. If the time comes, you'll know what to do.”

The best lesson a parent can teach their children is the kind that makes them smart, capable, and sympathetic human-beings. In fact, we can only wish that this was the kind of fortune you found in fortune cookies (instead of something weird like “A carrot a day, may keep cancer away” which – we’re pretty sure – is neither a fortune nor an accurate statement...). We’ll just make Helen’s advice our life’s mantra instead.

2) Never Look Back

Edna Mode, is portrayed alongside the quote, "I Never Look Back, Darling

Edna Mode is pretty much our spirit guide. She’s full of sassy advice and words of wisdom; none more inspiring than:

“I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.”

Wow, Edna, just wow. First of all, we are going to start calling everyone “darling” because – well – it makes us feel cool and, also, this is a beautiful message on how best to live our lives. We can’t change the past; all you can do is learn from it and move forward.

Also, we find out that capes are a bad idea for superhero suits and Edna Mode is not embarrassed to admit it. She never looks back, darling.

3) Math is Math

A geometric style that shows off Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, and Dash in grayscale print

Yes, YES, 100 times yes! In the newest The Incredibles 2 trailer, Bob Parr says what every parent (and every math hater) has thought at some point.

He says:

“Why would they change math? Math is math, math is math!”

While trying to help Dash with his math homework, Mr. Incredible discovers that math isn't quite what he remembers. In fact, we can all agree with that!

This is not how we learned to do it either! Is this a joke? Are we being punk’d right now?

Forget it, just get the calculator.

4) You Are My Greatest Adventure

The Incredibles superheroes posing in front of the red text "The Incredibles"

We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Mr. Incredible was pining for the good ol’ days of saving the world and being a hero. And, who can blame him?

He was trapped in his job, feeling useless, and completely uninspired in life.  

However, when he thought he had lost his family, Bob realizes that:

You are my greatest adventure, and I almost missed it.”

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that being ordinary doesn’t have to mean being boring or meaningless: the ordinary is about beautiful everyday moments like eating dinner with your family, tucking children into bed, and being there for the small things in life.

5) Parenting is a Heroic Act

 A distressed graphic of Jack-Jack is topped with a flame on his head on top of the text, "The Incredibles"

Poor Bob! He’s bribing Jack-Jack with cookies to avoid a literal meltdown! Every parent – even when their kid’s meltdown is a little less of the “melt” kind than Jack-Jack’s might have been – can appreciate just how real this situation is. Thankfully, Edna Mode knows what’s up! She tells Bob:

“Done properly, parenting is a heroic act...”

Being a parent can feel like a thankless job sometimes. There are days when you have cold macaroni noodles in your hair, you haven’t slept for days, and you can’t remember the last time you brushed your teeth. But, don’t worry about it! Edna is here to remind you that everything you do as a parent makes you a hero.



The Incredibles is the perfect reminder that everyday acts are heroic too. In fact, it is the perfect inspiration to be a little bit more incredible every day.

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