Congratulations, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, you’ve officially scared us back to childhood. The recent trailer shows off heartfelt scenes between Blue and Owen, as well as, some exciting dinosaur close-ups; but –  the real winner is the terrifying moment that makes us feel like we are 8 years old again. We’re definitely leaving the nightlight on tonight.

The newest chapter in the Jurassic World series sends audiences back to Isla Nublar with Owen Grady and Claire Dearing to help save the dinosaurs from final extinction. But…Owen and Claire discover that there has been more happening on the secluded island than anyone knew about (cue creepy music).

The trailer starts in a child’s bedroom and proceeds to go through the checklist of all the ways that nightmares are born:

1)  Creepy Music

We can’t handle it. Is that the music box from every child’s nightmare?! I shouldn’t have read that book about dinosaurs before bed…

2) Moving Shadows

Did that shadow just move? Is that heavy breathing? OMG, I can’t hear anything over my heartbeat!

3) Knock, Knock

It’s a branch knocking on the window, right? The wind? It’s nothing, right?

OH MY GOD, is that a dinosaur tapping at my door? We’re all gonna die! 

4) More Teeth

Every nightmare has a creature with sharp teeth or drool…and this has both!

Pull that blanket over your head. Quick, faster!


5) “They Made It.”

The mysterious little girl admits, “They Made it.” Who is they? What is it? Oh my gawwwd.  


Find out what is lurking in the shadows with the film premiere of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on June 22nd, 2018. Get your hands on a new Fifth Sun Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom t-shirt  or classic Jurassic Park tee (if you have tiny T. Rex hands get someone to assist you) before Isla Nublar’s volcano explodes and it’s too late!

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