In the red corner, we have Deadpool, weighing in at –  well we don’t know because Wade Wilson isn’t exactly forthcoming about his weight – hailing from the mountains of Canada: the Anti-Villain Heavyweight of the Marvel world! And – slobbering in the blue corner – we have newcomer, Venom, from the streets of New York City; and he’s ready to win the title of Anti-Villain All-Star!


Marvel continues to release exciting new trailers for upcoming films like Deadpool 2 and Venom and we just can’t decide which character we are more excited to see! Deadpool is always a good laugh, poking fun at the super-hero lifestyle, and breaking the Fourth Wall. Every Deadpool teaser – whether it’s the “Bob Ross” trailer or the “Superman” trailer – reminds us why we love the Merc with a Mouth.


Still, the new Venom trailer forecasts a thrilling introduction to Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote that makes him Venom (at least once you actually see Venom…oh snap, we had to go there).

Each film teaser does a good job of reminding us that these anti-heroes are no angels; they’re not always perfect, but we love them just the same.


In the movie trailer, Deadpool is full of sass and he just loves doing the wrong thing (like snacking on Cherry Garcia after failing to help a pedestrian); while, Venom is brooding and intense in the trailer –  you can’t really blame the guy though; an annoying drooling alien friend just crashed on his couch, aka his life, and he’s not really sure what to do about it…

So, if these two Marvel characters had to duel it out, who would win?

Our money’s on Deadpool and here’s why:

1) Bonus Life: Deadpool Can’t Die

Deadpool is practically unstoppable with that handy healing factor. He may not be the prettiest guy in the room, but you can always bet he’s the toughest.

Deadpool is featured in a pixelated vintage video game style on a quest for tacos

2) Deadpool is a Ninja…Well Sort Of:

Wade Wilson was a trained assassin and mercenary before he became Deadpool.

Venom may be terrifying, but he’s sharing the body of the boring old journalist, Eddie Brock.

So, unless Brock was training to throw ninja stars at the newspaper office, Deadpool wins this round. 

A wanted Deadpool poster has been edited by Deadpool himself to be about chimichangas and tacos

3) Knock Knock, Breaking Down the Fourth Wall:

Deadpool can break the Fourth Wall and he does it all the time. This gives him the ability to do pretty much whatever he wants, which is one heck of an advantage.

Deadpool with his hand to his ear like a phone and the speech bubble "Call Me!" across the bottom

4) Buddy System:

The Venom Symbiote is a terrifying creature (have you seen those teeth?) but it still requires a living host to survive long-term.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link…and we just don’t know if the average NYC journalist, Eddie Brock, can beat the wily Deadpool.

White Venom claw spider logo on a black background

5) Ride the Sonic Waves:

Venom has telepathic abilities, it can shapeshift, and – well –  you’ve seen its teeth, so you know it’s a worthy adversary.

Still, it does have two major weaknesses: fire and sonic waves. Deadpool’s one weakness seems to be junk food.

So, what, Deadpool brings a flame-thrower and Venom brings a poisonous chimichanga?

The masked Deadpool is portrayed above the word "Chimichangas?!" in white beneath him


Deadpool is the winner in our books! But, we’re open for discussion and we’re excited to see what is in store for our two favorite anti-heroes this year. Choose a side and wear a Fifth Sun Venom or Deadpool tee today!

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